Keeping the Faith

Added on by Hardy Emery.

Kurt had brain surgery on Nov 18, 2013 at Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital to remove a lesion that was found as a result of an MRI. The pathology revealed that the lesion was cancer - grade III anaplastic astrocytoma to be exact. Tumors are graded on a scale from grade I-(least aggressive), to grade IV-(most aggressive). The majority of the tumor was a grade II, but a smaller portion was a grade III. In this situation, they will treat more aggressively to attack not only the grade II component but also the grade III portion. Treatment will include 6 weeks of daily radiation treatments as well as oral (pills)chemotherapy for a year. Radiation takes about one minute and will be daily at Spectrum Health Lemmon Holton Cancer Pavilion in downtown Grand Rapids.

Kurt has a beautiful wife Katie, a son Augie who will be turning two soon and they just found out last week that their baby on the way, due April 17th is a girl! 

A fundraising benefit was held for Kurt Dietrich on February, 22. The benefit was organized by J's Journey. The photos were taken at this event.